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Dawgtanian: We've nerfed the auto gems to the point where I think they are useless in tournament play
also for the people coming around just bad mouthing the game just to do it isnt helping at all, ok ya might feel like ya got screw for $60, but really im sure more then 80% of ya have been screw worse before in ya lives. complaing and saying the game is trash, ect. isnt gonna change what happened. its one thing to coif ur still playing the game and ur complaining cuz u want ...

Dawgtanian: We've nerfed the auto gems to the point where I think they are useless in tournament play
ono wanted to work on the game for a little more then 2 years but his boss told him he had a year or 1 and a half years to release it, so ya knew it was rushed and ya bought it anyway. does the game have problems? yes, but what game doesnt. are they trying to fix the problem? yes, but even still most people wont even give it a chance or wont wait ...

Street Fighter X Tekken's auto-throw and auto-tech gem change list
im not sure if this is a mistake but did anyone notice auto block and auto tech lvl 3 was reduced from 3 slots to 2 slots. and those arent the only gems that dont seem to make sense. but anyway im sure everything will be fine, glad to hear that all the guard gems will take meter even when blocking manually. i guess all the auto guard scrubs better start using onslaught gems.

Cover art for Street Fighter X Tekken on the PS Vita, screens of new fighters - Oct. 23, 2012 release date
could that be evil ryu in the 2nd picture?

Street Fighter X Tekken Custom Combo editor DLC screenshots
i always thought instead of giving us random quick combos they should just allow us to record a combo and save it but i guess this is sort of the same thing. this will actually give me a reason to use quick combos and allow me to get that achievement to activate 100 quick combos.

Street Fighter X Tekken roundup: Sakura trials, Lars bread and butter combos, Behrudy 's Steve beginner guide and Julia combos
is it me or is the lars bnb combo video flashing non stop, it almost gave me a seizure. but sakura is looking beast as always and so is alisa and jack-x, i cant wait to play them. also how come christie is the only character we havent seen anything for yet, theres no combo trials, combo videos, matches, ect. the only thing i have seen is her and lei team entrance.

Updated: Street Fighter X Tekken trials for all 12 DLC characters including Christie and Blanka
alisa looks awsome cant wait to test her out lei looks like the new gen lars look decent i would also like to test him out bryan looks super slow and stiff guy looks exactly the same dudley looks exactly the same cant wait to see what sakura/elena/jack-x/christie can do. from what i have seen before cody and blanka also look exactly the same aswell

Snoop Dogg: Knocc Em Down - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 music video with cameos by many FGC members
this music video and song period is trash!

Injustice: Stages will play as pivotal a role as characters in matches, violence will be replaced with over the top action
this game seems like super smash bros. meets mk vs dc universe. it will probably end up doing awful, altho i wish they came out with a really good dc game with real violence just like the comic are

Street Fighter X Tekken roundup: Pandora mode combos, Ken and Law combos by Snoooootch, Masher Rehabilitation and more
finally people can stop whinning about how useless pandora is, maybe they'll learn something.