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Filipino Champ battles Nemo in a first to 20 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 set shot during EVO 2013 weekend
Nemo's weakness in this game is that he's not up to par yet when it comes to certain match up knowledge. Someone like Angelic might give him problems with his Shuma and Wolverine. I've also seen a stream of Nemo losing pretty bad to a Jill player. He seems to do really well against players who like to jump a lot. I would like to see Nemo vs KaneBlueRiver or even Angelic would be fun ...

EVO 2013 results feat. Daigo, Infiltration, ChrisG, Justin Wong, Fuudo

Dawgtanian: Every character has something to look forward to in Street Fighter 4 update
I personally don't feel like they should feel the need to nerf characters, they should just work on buffs. If you're going to nerf a character why not just nerf certain universals, such as a characters health, walk speed, grab range, jump arc, frame link timings, etc. Like I don't understand why characters like Chun and Bison have such floaty jumps for such low dmg, small combo characters.

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