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Full results of Capcom's Street Fighter favorite characters poll, as voted by the fans
To all those saying that it's dumb for people to vote for THEIR favorite characters that also happen to be popular choices in most Street Fighter games: Have you forgotten that Capcom was about to drop every single world warrior, including Ken and Ryu, when they made Street Fighter 3 in favor of an ENTIRELY NEW roster? There is no GUARUNTEE that today's popular character's will be in EVERY single game. That's why it's good ...

Kid Robot's Street Fighter blind-boxed figure images and review from TomoPop
I was in Vegas last week and went into a Kid Robot shop. They had them all displayed out the plastic and I was like "Awesome, I'll buy them all!" Then my friend told me it was blind select when you purchase them. I was soooo blown.

Informative Lili tutorial, getting started with Asuka, M. Bison and Cody combos and more - Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 roundup
Lili tutorial is excellent. But the text on the screen covers up some of the action.

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