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Is it finally time for Street Fighter to add a guest character from outside of the franchise to one of its main series games?
No, please don't start with this garbage, street fighter should not have this kind of thing, the universe of the game is more than enough.

Tekken 7 adding expanded Practice features, frame data, personalized replays and tips to improve punishes and gameplay
Pay for frame data? this is insane, every time less content is add to the games, and more dlc released, now we have to buy for things that the game should have since the beggining? no Harada, even if it cost 1cent, we cannot accept this.

Update: Street Fighter League Season 2 adds Arturo Sanchez to replace Gllty's vacancy despite Xykes being ahead in votes
Where is our champion, Low Tier God? without him this tournament has no credibility.

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