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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate surpasses 1,000 entrants for EVO 2019 while Street Fighter 5, Samurai Shodown and UNIST rise up the ranks
If Nintendo ever sponsored and advertised EVO even half the money Capcom throws at SFV, you'd easily see 10,000+ entrants. Subtracting Melee, these numbers are completely community driven as always. DBFZ numbers are possibly affected by the drama going on with Funimation and broly's voice actor being accused of molestation. Fans don't want to support it anymore and from what I've heard, Toei may be doing something about it.

'Chun or Akuma would have been better than Ken' - Justin Wong shares his top five picks for additional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters
Only Crash Bandicoot is a good choice from Justin's list. I don't know why he wants sword characters so much when we have so many more options. Its true that the new characters they added were silly, but its not an excuse to add more silly characters.

EVO 2019 trailer released
You people delusional to think melee will die. Smash 4 will be replaced by Smash Ultimate. Melee is completely different game that brings hundreds/thousands of players/viewers on its own and hype.

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