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MKXL: Jax - Air Raid
This has got to be one of Jax's best normal strings, hands down. It moves him very far forward, is incredibly easy to hit confirm off of, and does solid damage. It is used in some of his more difficult combos as an extension and for corner carry. Every Jax player needs to become familiar with this move, its just that good!

MKXL: Jax - Machine Gun
The machine gun doesn't seem like much at first, but it provides a strong zoning tool when paired with his LAW Rocket. The big bonus with this move lies in its multiple quick hits, beating out moves with armor and catching opponents who try to jump over the bullets, knocking them down and setting them up for another attack. After shooting a LAW Rocket, to continue zoning the machine gun is preferred for its faster ...

MKXL: Jax - L.A.W. Rocket
When playing Heavy Weapons, you can use the rocket as a zoning alternative after landing a knockdown. Time it so it hits as a meaty and you can catch people unprepared for an easy 11%. If they block it does decent chip damage as well. You'll usually never want to try two rockets in a row, as its got a fairly slow start and long recovery. To continue zoning after a rocket, try using the ...

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