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SSBU with characters: [u'Joker', u'Peach / Daisy']
Ok i have to say something for this match up. Peach Does Not Win this Matchup. I believe Joker wins 7-3 in this match up actually and i can explain why Joker outruns peach in neutral since peach is very slow. Peach also struggles with zoning/range, and joker has some really good disjointed hitboxes, especially with arsene. Although Joker is not traditional zoner, he is extremely hard to hit and catch, so he can run ...

SSBU with characters: [u'Joker', u'Min Min']
Joker beats min min by a lot. Even sakurai himself said she struggles against fast and aggressive characters like joker. Joker can easily get in on min min and if she is camping joker can easily get free arsene with rebels guard which beats everything she has.

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