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'I look at [the gems] as SFV mechanics with V-Skill and V-Trigger; so it would be like Gem Skill and Gem Trigger' - Justin Wong on his MvCI thoughts
Don't worry dude, Balrog, Zephyrus, and Angriest are sisters and belong in a coven of witches casting SFV shill spells around a cauldron. They're the most judgemental aholes on this sight, and EH has done nothing about it. Just ignore the snarky remarks from the witches of Ehubs.

First Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gameplay screenshots
You guys are blind as f*ck. This game is not a true VS game. Y'all are being taken for a ride (Que Music). This is just Marvel X Capcom with gems. Where's the assists? The zaniness? Game looks stiff and childish compared to the glorious opening movie of UMVC3. What is this Contest of Champions mobile quality? Where's your standards guys?.... We're going back to the cave men days and everyone's excited about it. Game ...

Delaying Street Fighter 5's patch instead of rushing it out to meet a deadline is a good thing, hopefully shows a change of approach
Zephyrus= Combofiend's EH account AngriestAngryAngriest= Haunts' EH account only free place these two can be pro CRAPCOM blind judgemental idiots.

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