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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
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Ed's second V-Trigger greatly enhances his combos and pressure thanks to his 'Ultra Snatcher' technique
Plus is gonna be able to confirm CA after the upper for way more damage. Good news!!

Someone already got their hands on Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition and uploaded a video
Weirdest thing happen yesterday. I've just finishing my pc build put SFV on it and I had season 1 and 2... had installed before on a other pc and that pc was not able to run it. Didn't touch the game on pc again. Yesterday, boom, had my character available.

Omega Sagat in Street Fighter 4 has a few new moves that might turn up in Street Fighter 5 Season 3
Also, If you check Blanka in omega mode. It will make him a very nice character in SFV. And there's some rumor about him also

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