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Cammy has new homing qualities, crazy damage output and is even more offensive than in SF4; see our Street Fighter 5 day one Cammy breakdown
Eh, aesthetically she needs some work. Chun's look has been nailed (Jiggle wiggle), whereas Cammy looks kinda ugly. And what happened to the camo paint on her legs?

Updated: New Street Fighter 5 Vine clip shows Charlie target combo, check out the evolution of Nash over the years
Meh, I'm a bit disappointed that they just copied and pasted Guile's SF4 throw animation onto Charlie. Would have been better if they'd experimented with some new animations, possibly based off real life moves.

Pro Tour will not feature Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PlayStation 4 until otherwise announced; Capcom addresses issues with the game's latest version
You win an internet, courtesy of 50 Cent.

Taunting is only cool if you don't get knocked out while doing it; check out 'Skill Not Included,' a comical collection of Third Strike bloopers
Even cooler is knocking out the opponent with the taunt's tiny hurtbox and minuscule damage. Like when Ken fingers female opponents to death with his taunt.

To all those who have ever been kicked... Check out Ernesto Lopez Jr's funny new skit 'Removed From Session'
Or maybe, just maybe... You were removed because you joined my session and played as Ryu/Ken, when I specifically set the lobby name to "Looking for Guy players"?

Updated: 1.05 update for Ultra Street Fighter 4, full list of patch notes
You know the new characters got Trials in the last update, right?

Ultra Street Fighter 4 coming May 26th for PS4 as a digital release, will sell for $24.99, removes PS3's input lag, new screenshots revealed
Not really worth releasing screenshots if it looks no different...

7-hit juggle still gets full animation U2?! Omega Dudley makes his USF4 counterpart look pathetic in this awesome combo video
Xbox audio and slowdown glitch lol. This happened to me and I abused the slowed down version to complete some of the harder Trials. Gotta unlock all dem Titles and Icons, you know.

Check out these Street Fighter stages you can visit in real life for cheap
And let's not forget Halong Bay, the basis for the Beautiful Bay and Morning Mist Bay stages in SFIV.

Check out these Street Fighter stages you can visit in real life for cheap
I would love to see Gill's New Generation stage in real life.