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Cammy has new homing qualities, crazy damage output and is even more offensive than in SF4; see our Street Fighter 5 day one Cammy breakdown
Eh, aesthetically she needs some work. Chun's look has been nailed (Jiggle wiggle), whereas Cammy looks kinda ugly. And what happened to the camo paint on her legs?

Updated: New Street Fighter 5 Vine clip shows Charlie target combo, check out the evolution of Nash over the years
Meh, I'm a bit disappointed that they just copied and pasted Guile's SF4 throw animation onto Charlie. Would have been better if they'd experimented with some new animations, possibly based off real life moves.

Pro Tour will not feature Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PlayStation 4 until otherwise announced; Capcom addresses issues with the game's latest version
You win an internet, courtesy of 50 Cent.

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