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Super Smash Bros. 4
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SSB4: Lucina - Shield Breaker
It's also worth noting the prevalence of B reversals. By reversing Shield Breaker, you can dash away from opponents, then punish a chase by reversing and sliding back toward them with a neutral B attack. On stages with platforms, like Battlefield and Dreamland, using B reversals while falling off the platforms offers really great movement options that will catch opponents off-guard. This is one of Lucina's most versatile moves. It can be used for shield ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Cloud', u'Lucina']
Cloud has the advantage due to how much more range Buster Sword has and the fact that he has a projectile while Lucina lacks one, allowing him to almost completely wall her out. Lucina's only real edge in this MU is her strong edgeguard game, which helps against Cloud's below-average recovery (without Limit Break.) Because of this, I rate the MU 7-3 in Cloud's favor. (Cloud is still a fairly new character, so I may ...

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