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Past comments by GCPSFan15
SSBB with characters: [u'Bowser', u'Falco']
Bowser has a hard time approaching Falco due to his slow speed and heavyweight which makes getting through his lasers and down throw chaingrab extremely difficult. If Bowser gets spiked by his down air, that's it for his stock since he doesn't have a good recovery. He's mostly is going to have to rely on hard reads and baits in this matchup.

SSBB with characters: [u'Jigglypuff', u'Mr. Game and Watch']
Jigglypuff gets outranged hard by most of Game & Watch's aerials. His powerful smash attacks can also kill her very early because of how light she is. Not even Game & Watch's light weight will help her much since a lot of her attacks are really weak, and the fact that Game & Watch has Bucket Braking. She also has a hard time edgeguarding him due to some of the invincibility frames on his Up ...

SSBM with characters: [u'Marth', u'Ness']
Ness has a very hard time approaching Marth because his long disjointed sword attacks outrange Ness' very poor ranged attacks, especially some of his strong moves like, back air and in some cases, up air. His smash attacks won't help much either also because of their bad reach, power and ending lag. Marth's range also means he can edgeguard his recovery easily. This is exacerbated knowing how hard it is to angle PK Thunder. The ...