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Mega Man performs a shoryuken, Wii Fit Trainer tosses Donkey Kong in new Wii U Super Smash Bros. screens
I hate Nintendo; I LOVE Smash for what it is. Can't wait to have it on=the go and I'm even considering getting a Wii U. I'm anticipating new announcements for everything: Stages, items, characters, etc. Hype. HYPE.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 official trailer, logo and box art - will add brand new modes
So, I know no-one will care about my individual opinion, but I'm excited for this! I've been ignoring AE for a WHILE now (Except for tourny footage, that stuff is GREAT) so seeing 4 good/great characters and just a taste of the character changes makes me hype as all hell. If I had a wand to wave, I'd give everyone a THIRD Ultra. Sidenote; Really wanna see the new guys' 2 (please 3) Ultras! Clearly ...

Northwest Majors V results, stream archive - featuring Filipino Champ, Ricky Ortiz, KaneBlueRiver, Air and more
@13 and semi related to #14: Masamune, what is 'your game'? Also, you can't expect EH staff to ask about games that don't get any exposure. Side games stay side games. Except for KOF13, but it got 'de-ranked' again.

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