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How's Cammy looking with the Season 3.5 changes? Let's take a look at her buffs and nerfs
lol the "cammy is honest" coments should be a meme at this point, there are probably a lot of people that thinks fighting laura is worse because she has comand grabs, at this point what bothers me is not even the fact she got buffed, but more the untouchable stattus alongside the legion of fans trying to justify her BS, as not being that bad compared to character X, Y and Z... Wrap all this ...

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5 balance patch reactions from notable FGC members
"Cammy is our new character we whine about", well... i say AMEN TO THAT lol, after 3 goddamn seasons some time people have to open their eyes about that character, if that's what it takes for capcom to stop that bullet train

Season 3.5 patch notes for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition released
lmao, shouldn't be surprised, can't wait for cammy fighter 5 to come in, because of course 3 cammys on top 8 are not enough to make a statement and some of those nerfed characters LMAO, it's just funny at this point, whoever is taking care of those balance changes are doing a pretty good job at pissing off a part of the community BUT... at least they heard our prayers about rashid, and it looks ...

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