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SoCal Regionals 2017 early results, stream ft. JDCR, Punk, Saint, Haitani, Momochi, Yukadon, Dragon, Justin Wong, Hayatei, FChamp, ChrisG, JoeyFury
er... not really dude, Meyers will have to work hard to get in Capcom cup that's right, but Mena is already on CPT's top 20 global ranking, he is reaching an even safer position after his current top 8

Celtic Throwdown 2017 results ft. Daigo, Phenom, Infiltration, Luffy
Dude, you are focusing WAY too much on the characters mechanics to judge results, and in high level it's not ALL about that, i could say the same thing while comparing Balrog and Ryu, and Smug still got washed on pools by Abao... MU knowledge, experience and different gameplay styles is a thing in this game if you didn't notice, for ex, Haitani has a bad historic against Nemo, lost to him in topanga 7 ...

Celtic Throwdown 2017 results ft. Daigo, Phenom, Infiltration, Luffy
you know what else it could be? lack of MU knowledge on high level Ryu players in S2, since NOBODY outside of asia plays a high level Ryu it's hard to not emulate the same things you usually do with your character if there is a clear lack of knowledge, experience, muscle memory in a MU did you watched Punk vs Infl on Eleague?, Punk was playing autopilot as well, and getting hit by the ...

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