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EventHubs 2017 top 50 Street Fighter 5 players 10-1
with all the respect for everybody's opinions, IMO the debate with Punk and Tokido is that simple... although Punk had MORE results than him, more points in the ranking, and was overral the most dominant player of the year overrall it's way too hard to contest Tokido's performance during the BIGGEST events, and he outperformed Punk in every single one of them looking almost unbeatable, EVO - beat him in the grand finals, ESL - ...

Capcom Cup 2017 results ft. Punk, Tokido, Yukadon, Haitani, Problem X

Dogura shares Urien Street Fighter 5 Season 2.5 match up chart
it's always hard to judge if we don't hear the player's arguments, but... tbf, Luffy didn't have any problems against Nemo the last time they faced each other... so it's not just Dogura who probably struggles on that MU

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