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Seemingly inescapable loops, insane damage and instant overheads? Itazan is looking unstoppable with a character that's about to get better...
ok, but nobody is saying that Itazan is the greatest Gief that ever existed or something like that just that he is the greatest Gief player IN SFV by a HUGE MARGIN, and that's it and he's the only one who's actually doing considerable damage with the character consistently

'I wish the crowds would boo me, but they don't' - Punk is quickly becoming one of the FGC's most beloved players... despite his own best efforts
LOL, let's be honest being an american and beating internationals left and right every tournament How the hell would he get booed? even if the guy would come out, said nothing and left, as long as he was beating top international players he would still get some fans here and there... let's be real here, there is no such thing as a "villian" against internationals

Why aren't the 'robbery' characters winning Street Fighter 5 tournaments like they were supposed to?
if we are gonna base those results on CPT events ONLY, it's TOO EARLY to say those things, but if we talk about all the tournaments since the beginning of the year, them we have a lot of results from Balrog, Laura and Guile

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