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Nearly 600 people claim they'll head to Canada Cup 2017 strictly to play Ultra Street Fighter 4... is the iconic title seeing a revival in the FGC?
I really wish people would stop pretending like SF4 was a great game from the start. People forget that SF4 was treated THYE EXACT SAME WAY SFV is treated now. When the game was first released it got loads of criticism for a long time, how does nobody remember this about Vanilla? Let SFV evolve before you start proclaiming that we should switch back to a better game. That being said, I have no issue ...

A couple things I've noticed with everyone's favorite Russian Wrestler. First of all the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to practice Zangief when you are beginning is to practice your SPD's so they come out whenever you want to use them; using SPD, especially as a punish against things that are -4 or so , can be tricky so this is incredibly important. Zangief's v-skill is a very handy tool, but don't use it ...

'Tiers are nicely compressed in Street Fighter 5' - Snake Eyez chimes in on SF5's character balance
Once again Event hubs providing us with incomplete information. He said that sarcastically. He tweeted afterwards "SIKE" and before that he said Gief was the lowest on the tier list. All these people saying that Gief isn't because Snake Eyez won WNF need to think a little bit harder. First of all, THIS IS F--KING SNAKE EYEZ, hes been playing Gief for god knows how long, you can't possibly tell me that Gief isn't low ...

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