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Past comments by Eswndernder
Ganondorf has been buffed a lot since his sad show appearance in Brawl, and Ultimate is no exception. His Smash attacks have been given greater range and power since Smash4, and his Forward Smash can start killing as early as 30% off an edge. The damage input for his Warlock Punch has nearly doubled (from 31% to sometimes over 60%). All of his moves are stronger, and he moves faster than previous iterations, although he ...

A little tip; If you hold the attack button on say, neutral air, you will extend the move's hitbox a little longer, slightly increasing it's range. This is because Bayonetta will shoot tiny projectiles for a short amount of time. It's perfect for that tiny extra bit of damage, and in the case of Bayonetta's N-Air, a potenial edgeguard method. I would not recommend using this feature unless the move connects, as it can leave ...

SSBU: Sephiroth - Down Smash Attack
As I have mentioned in a lecture I have already posted, Down Smash is very useful for breaking shields

Update 1/24/2021 Easy Combo; Down-Air to Rest. K.O's around 60%. I have doon further research and discovered that this combo is only true if your opponent starts and ends on the ground, and you are positoned slightly to the left or right of your opponent after ALL the hits to down-air connect. Hint; Using Sing will make this combo easier to preform.

SSBU: Ridley - Down Special
Ridley's Down Special, the Ridley Skewer can be massively devastating if positioned correctly. Your opponents will not be left with many options if hit while grounded. If you can read one of these options, then you can hard punish your opponent.

Hello. I'm a dedicated Smash Brothers fan wanting to offer you some tips on how to play Sephiroth. Here are some top pro player tips, and although some of them do look really lame, they do actually help you win. 1.) Make use of the aerials One thing to understand for an aspiring Sephiroth main or player, your aerials are where it's at. N-Air and D-Air are particularly good. Use N-Air if you are in ...

I'm probably not one to give tips, but I'm here to tell you (based off my personal experience, and quite a bit of research) the most major nerfs Bayonetta got that really affect her gameplay. 1.) Witch Time Weakened This is one of Bayonetta's most devastating nerfs, as her Witch Time set up a lot of her early kill combos in Smash4. It also made her ridiculously OP with items on, so the amount of ...