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Capcom will no longer display products marketed toward adults on Pro Tour streams or social media
I think this is a non issue. Capcom is still figuring this out and we are just watching some growing pains. This will all be forgotten about in a month or two.

Combo Breaker 2016 results ft Justin Wong, SonicFox, Filipino Champ, Ricki Ortiz
Right. Because everyone knows where Saint Charles, IL is.

You'll think twice before attacking Bison after you see Venom44's slick usage of this V-Skill to style on foes and maximize punishes
So good. The last series was the equivalent of selecting the correct defensive play in Tecmo Bowl.

Combo Breaker pre-registration numbers are huge - Street Fighter 5 leads the pack yet again
What about the mystery game tourney!?!

Mark 'MarkMan' Julio officially parts ways with Mad Catz
Thanks Markman!

Who should be in Tekken X Street Fighter? AwpWilliams lists his ten top picks for the upcoming fighter
I'm telling ya.... The Akira characters will make an appearance in this game.

Ed Boon shows what the HD remake of Mortal Kombat would have looked like, says he'll tell the story one day
Is there anyone on the planet who wouldn't be interested in this game?!

Fight Clubs: Zombiebrian's map will help you find fighting game scenes around the globe
I travel around the globe frequently for work, so this is extremely helpful to see if there is any activity around where I will be staying. Time to start bringing my stick with me! Thanks ZombieBrian!

Updated: 'There are no plans for Arika characters to appear in Street Fighter' - Ichiro Mihara clarifies
They'll appear in TxSF.

Capcom wants your feedback on the 2014 Pro Tour, let them know what you liked or disliked in the comments
My favorite part about this event was that is was 100% Ultra Street Fighter IV. Don't get me wrong, I love other fighters and enjoy watching high level play of them, but having this be exclusively USFIV with the highest caliber play made it much more exciting. I would like to see more vignettes of how the players made it to the final tournament. This could include interview pieces, exciting moments from their year, etc. ...