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Past comments by EndwaterAngry
Season 2.5 balance changes for Street Fighter 5 listed
bah gawd. Time for people who have been waiting for a balance change to start bitching about the balance change.

Combo Breaker joins Capcom Pro Tour 2017 line up as Premier event, taking place late May
I've been to each Combo Breaker since UFGT ended. 2015 was sick but 2016 turned it up to 11. 2017 was already shaping up to top last year and now that it is Premier status I'm even more stoked!

In-game menu mentions 'trial version' of Street Fighter 5 that differs from current retail version
It just means that the trials are season 1 specific and move properties will be different in season 2. In this case, trial does not equal demo. Trial means the trials mode.

Updated: Street Fighter 5 Season 2 balance changes are live, 1.08 update now available for pre-download while servers are down
Do you even story mode, bro? His name is Azam and is Rashid's attendant.

Should Capcom reset online leaderboards for season two of Street Fighter 5? Let us know what you think in our latest poll
I was thinking about this a few weeks back and came to the conclusion that I would be for a leaderboard/LP reset. A new season should come with reset stats and points. I think of it like a sports season; NFL teams don't start a new season where they left off from the previous season and players do not start a new season with their previous years stats. Hell, I would almost be for resetting ...

Capcom: Premier Events will no longer grant auto-qualification on the Pro Tour - company looks to simplify qualification process in 2017
Jesus, man....

White life speed change indirectly buffs certain characters in Street Fighter 5 season 2, here's why you should look out for Dhalsim and M. Bison
The Bison buffs are making me very happy. That said, I am still nervous there will be some nerfs for him that haven't been reported yet. I guess we will find out soon....

Ono confirms new Capcom Cup announcement, here's what our readers think he'll reveal next month
My money is on the number of characters for season 2, generic balance change announcement, Akuma date and a new SFV SKU which bundles all season one DLC akin to MKXL

Dates with James Chen, Tokido's own cereal and Trinity Tryouts... Sajam hilariously fields fake ads during Arizona's Rewired 2016 stream
You're kind of being the worst right now. I for one enjoyed this article. Its nice to see the community's sense of humor every once and a while. This is also a good showcase for how good Sajam and James Chen are on the mic. Not having any prior knowledge of these fake advertisements and just rolling with it was fun to listen to.

Thank you FGC! 2,500 participant Twitter poll votes EventHubs as number one source of fighting game community news
Thanks EH... Now if you could get that mobile app up and running again.... :)