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Past comments by EndwaterAngry
Okay, this M. Bison combo into Psycho Crusher mix-up in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is absolutely filthy

Lady Gaga and Bayonetta are caught in a Bad Romance, but maybe we can get her to settle it in Smash

Modern fighting games should feature tournament modes to offer a more uniform experience yet also offer more customization options
I would fully support this.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection launches May 29th, Ultra Street Fighter 4 included as pre-order bonus
This is a pro move on behalf of Capcom. Bravo!

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary's final retail version reportedly going to be packaged with training and standard versus modes
This is exciting. I'm sick of trying to get fightcade and other mame machines to work properly. This should scratch that itch...if online isn't bulls!t

Just how big of a deal is EVO Japan, and what could it mean for the fighting game scene as a whole?
I kind of disagree with this statement. As long as Evo draws the number of entrants as it does and as consistently as it does, you'll always have the prestige. Coming out the victor with player pools of these sizes is not an easy achievement. Adding to this, Evo Japan proved it will draw a high number of the top players in the games respective communities. More entrants than other tournaments + the number of ...

Monster Hunter male and female costumes for Ken, R. Mika, and Ibuki announced for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Im not sure how i feel about this yet. Story developing.

Feeling like Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition might be a little slow or clunky? You're not alone
Overall gameplay has felt fine but have experienced some weird slowness/lag while in training mode. Its like im playing an online match with just an "ok" connection

The controversy of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's DLC announcement - Why is doubling the roster post-launch being seen as a bad thing?
I havent read the comments on this article, so pardon me for recycling someone elses take. I am not going to pretend I know how companies build their games. Arksys could, in theory, have a close to completed product and will spend the next several months polishing up the core game (visuals, balance, etc). It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility they also have a separate team which have started working on additional ...

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition now available
Gah. Work can't end soon enough!