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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
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SF5: Nash - Tragedy Assault
Be sure to use this when crush counters occur and be mindful that this will leech your opponents' meter. If used correctly, you will eliminate chances of being the victim of a critical art.

Cassie Cage
Cassie is a fast character with plenty of safe attacks if the opponent likes to block. Her Around We Go (2,4,2) and Street Smart (Forward+4,4) combos are safe if the opponent blocks and knock the opponent into the air for a combo follow-up if they hit. While Around We Go starts with a high attack, both are great combos to use because they can lead to easy juggle opportunities. The Caged Rage combo (Back+2,1,2, Down+1+2) ...

Takeda main here. Now, Takeda's normals are rediculously slow. However, his mix ups with the kunai and his reach are outstanding. Shirai Ryu is great to pickup first when learning Takeda, simply because his specials are a lot like scorpion's. When I first picked up Takeda, I only used his 112 and 334 combo strings. I then advanced to F12-2+4, if you have trouble with this, F1-2+4 is much faster and easier to get out ...

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