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Remy tells his dead sister about his battles, Hugo likes Poison and potatoes - Latest SF5 profiles detail these two Street Fighter 3 veterans
Man, where's the Alpha love, where's Adon and Gen? They put Karin in the game who isn't even from the normal games, only appeared in Alpha 3, yet Gen and Adon were in 2 Alpha games, are from the original Street Fighter, and have lore reasons to be there. Well, I guess if Sagat isn't in SF5 yet, even though he should be since Ryu is and that's kinda Sagat's whole MO at this point, ...

'If there's no Gen in Street Fighter 5, then I want to see Oro' - Xian talks SF5 hopefuls, who he thinks are the best and worst characters and more
God, I hope Gen is in it. I need my main man. Until he's in it, I legit have no reason to buy the game. Unless Sagat shows up...ugh. How can they neglect plot important characters? If Ryu is in the game, how is Sagat NOT in it? And Gen is Chunli's master, if she's still fighting Shadoloo and thus, Bison, Gen should be around.

Capcom confirms that Street Fighter 5's final 'classic' character isn't limited to SF2; so... who the hell is it?!
Should be Gen or someone from original Street Fighter lol.

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