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Games, skill levels & characters
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Young Link
Super Smash Bros. 4
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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SSBU with characters: [u'Ice Climbers', u'Pac-Man']
Really bad matchup for Ice Climbers, where its a contender for their worse. Reason is mainly because Pac-Man separates the hell out of them, and they don't have the mobility to contend Pac-Man zoning. Galaga and Key in particular just mess the climbers up as they not only shield poke, bur just do so much knockback Pac-Man can run forward and start pressure. Pac-Man also just can freely run away the whole game. Hydrant messes ...

SSBU with characters: [u'Banjo-Kazooie', u'Isabelle']
Banjo-Kazooie definitely don’t win this matchup. From the B&K mains, Tearbear thinks Isabelle slightly wins, while Ddee thinks it’s even. On the Isabelle side, Axel thinks this matchup is REALLY good for Isabelle, with him thinking it’s +2 while Zercon thinks it’s +1 in Isabelle’s favour. The main reason I definitely think the duo don’t win is because of Pocket. Without Rear Egg, they really can’t do anything. They both lose a combo starter, kill ...

SSBU with characters: [u'Meta Knight', u'R.O.B.']
How is this matchup slightly in R.O.B's favour? Its commonly agreed upon as even or Meta Knight's favour very slightly. R.O.B players like Zomba, Epic_Gabriel, 8BitMan and Sebpro101 (Best or one of the best R.O.B players in Australia) thinks the mu is slight loss for R.O.B, while some other R.O.B's like Grayson and WaDi think it is even for R.O.B at best, where on the Meta Knight side, BONK! thinks its 6/4 in MK's favour ...

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