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Desk proves Videl doesn't need the Great Saiyaman to have impressive combos in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but he certainly adds even more flair and damage
Videl looks so damn cool

Trying to avoid Ivysaur's down and up aerial hitboxes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might actually give you a headache due to their sizes

Cell sits at the top despite his nerfs while some big bodies sink to the bottom: Here's how our Dragon Ball FighterZ tiers sit at the end of 2018

Here's the crowd reaction to Street Fighter 5's Kage trailer at Capcom Cup 2018
LMFAO. What kind of anti hype s**t is this?

Update: ZeRo's latest tier list with full breakdowns
These guys need to stfu

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 1.2.0 patch coming within the next week
Nerf KKR!

Some players play games that they don't actually care about just for the money according to Ryan Hunter in BornFree interview
"Hunter believes that most of the negativity surrounding Street Fighter X Tekken was unjustified. He went on to say that the top performing players actually enjoyed the game. According to Hunter, he still holds "a little bit of resentment towards the community for destroying that game." It was around this point where he began to notice a spectator vs. player trend. Hunter feels as though "the fighting game community should always be about the players ...

Here are the weights for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's entire roster
How does a plant weight more than a wolf?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC was decided by Nintendo rather than Sakurai himself — how does this affect the characters we'll see join the game?
So that means no weird characters. What a bummer. My guess: DLC 1: Lara Croft/Sora DLC 2: Geno DLC 3: Crash Bandicoot DLC 4: Spyro DLC 5: Banjo & Kazooie

Why Piranha Plant? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai reveals his reasons behind including the basic Mario baddie
Masahiro is my hero