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Past comments by DrFault
SSBU: Dr. Mario - Down Special
Dr. Tornado is incredibly powerful in Ultimate, being able to KO even the heaviest opponents off stage at ludicrously low percents. Unlike Luigi's Cyclone, the Dr. Tornado can still be used to gain height and aid recovery by mashing B. Because of the aforementioned knockback, it can be most effectively be used offensively for edgeguarding, as if they get clipped even once, it's very likely to combo into the final hit and KO them.

Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario, unlike what the public thinks of him, plays very differently from Mario. A combination of his different launch trajectory, hitbox placement, speed, recovery, and power make him play a very different game than his normal self, being more of a bait-and-punish playstyle as opposed to Mario's being more based on combos and fundamentals.

Bowser flips alot of stereotypical Tank attributes on their heads, as not only is he the heaviest character in the game, he's also a pretty fast and hard-hitting character to boot. All of his tilts, smashes, and aerials even have super armour on startup, allowing him to beat out almost anything that touches him. He also has a universal armour officially known as Tough Guy, which lets him tank low knockback moves when he stands ...

SSBU: Bowser - Forward air attack
Bowser's main aerial. It can do pretty much whatever you want it to do, it's got decent disjoint, fairly fast and deals good damage, and even has super armour on startup.

SSBU: King K. Rool - Dash Attack
Probably one of the best dash attacks in the game. It comes out fairly quick for a superweight, at frame 8 or 9, I can't remember. It dishes out 15% damage on the sweetspot, and has a long lasting sourspot that still does a great 11%. It's also one of K Rool's moves that use his belly armour, which makes it fairly difficult to punish. It's pretty much everything you could want out of a ...

SSBU: King K. Rool - Down Tilt Attack
Down tilt can bury opponents, which can lead to many things, like kill confirms with a smash attack if they don't mash out quick enough, or adding tons of damage if they aren't at kill percent. Though this bury hitbox is very useful, it can be pretty inconsistent to use, as it also has a huge sourspot and a quake hitbox, both of which don't do much. Because of this, down throw is the burying ...

SSBU: Snake - Dash Attack
Snake's dash attack covers lots of ground, and deals pretty decent knockback, though not really enough to be KOing reliably. It also allows Snake to enter a crouching position after it, and combining this with the fact that Snake's crouch is one of the lowest in the game makes it pretty difficult to punish.

SSBU: Snake - Up Tilt Attack
If you're familiar with Brawl, you'll know that up tilt was one of Snake's best moves overall, with its high power, great speed considering its strength, and a ridiculous hitbox, and all but the latter rings true in Ultimate as well. Up tilt also now can combo out of an up throw at low percents.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Little Mac', u'Pac-Man']
Pac-Man's up-b can completely shut down a Little Mac since it forces him into the air. Not only that, but it sends him straight up with no acceleration to the left or right, and Mac has the second worst air acceleration behind Ryu, so it forces him to expend his double jump to get out of it, which can be punished. Plus, Pac-Man can punish Mac with an up-b out of shield to create this ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Mega Man', u'Sonic']
How is this still considered an even matchup? Mega Man bodies Sonic in almost every situation. Sonic is ironically slow in the air, which Mega Man can shut down easily with almost anything in his kit, and the buster pellets can shut down Spin Dash/Charge in one go. Furthermore, the mobility Mega Man has in the air is nigh unrivaled, which allows him to wall out Sonic just like the others.