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Past comments by DrFault
SSBU with characters: [u'Luigi', u'Mega Man']
Luigi's worst matchup by far, he really struggles against zoners. Don't know why this isn't his worst on here

SSBU: Mega Man - Neutral Special
Metal Blade is Mega Man's most versatile move, and should be mastered to the fullest. The initial throw deals more damage than the second throw, and can be thrown downwards off stage to add pressure for recovering opponents, but most of its versatility comes from the second throw. It can be thrown normally to set up for grabs, and at higher percents can combo into back air or forward air for a KO. In the ...

SSBU: Snake - Neutral air attack
Has some of the best damage of any aerial in the game if all hits connect. The first 3 kicks have set knockback, so you can cancel any of these into the ground for a grab, down tilt, down smash, or up tilt.

SSBU: Little Mac - Left/Right Smash Attack
Can be angled for different uses. Non-angled forward smash should only be used for KOs. Down-angled forward smash deals the most damage, and the least knockback, letting Mac start a techchase situation, as it has a steep knockback angle. Up-angled does the least damage, but the most knockback, so it should be used (obviously) for KOs.

SSBU: Little Mac - Up Special
Though it (obviously) is a terrible recovery move, up-b has great KO power in it, killing especially early when you can land it on platforms. It goes much higher on the ground than the air, so you can possibly catch landings with it, but missing usually results in you falling into a disadvantaged state.

SSBU: Little Mac - Light Attack / Quick Combo
The held combo for jab is useful for adding damage and resetting neutral, and combos into itself much more consistently than in Smash 4. The multi-jab combo, though, shouldn't be used often because it's very easy to SDI out of.

SSBU: Little Mac - Left/Right Tilt Attack
A pretty fast move that kills well at the edge of smash attacks aren't a good option, and can combo after a down tilt, though it has a chance of not landing the second hit of the move, because of a quirk in its hitboxes that unfortunately has not been fixed as of this being written.

SSBU: Little Mac - Down Tilt Attack
Down tilt is one of Mac's best moves, combining great frame data with good combo potential, and good damage. It can set up into a KO in many ways, including up-b, up smash, KO Punch, or even forward air into aerial side-b if you're looking to clown on someone offstage.

SSBU: Little Mac - Grab
Mac has one of the worst grab ranges in the game, though I wouldn't blame him, he's grabbing with boxing gloves on. Most of his throws aren't very useful, but back throw can actually be an effective kill throw.

SSBU with characters: [u'Dr. Mario', u'Mega Man']
Can someone explain to me why this is one of Mega Man's worst matchups in the game? I really don't understand.