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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD — 0/10
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Taylor possibly leaked as a playable character for Street Fighter Season 2 by fellow voice actor - what could his Tweet mean?
That would be so kick ass if he made it into this game🤘🏼😬🤘🏼 I just hope he is a grappler type character tho, I need one that can suit me better than R.mika or geif. Sweet.

Rage quitter Hell is coming with Street Fighter 5's next update
This won't do anything. Seriously, the only remedy is award the points to those that stay while the other who rage quits or dc by power outage or something in that matter. This stuff is just really a waste of time. Believe me, Ppl still RQ on me even with the currant set up.

With Tekken 7 getting additional guests characters, who are we hoping to see? DreamKing and MajinTenshinhan share their picks, let us know yours
I'd like to see VF characters in it. That would be sick.

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