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Past comments by DontTaseMeBro
The unrelenting Super Smash Bros. community is, once again, rallying for Nairo to be unbanned from Twitch
The Smash community SHOULD BE MUCH MORE concerned about taking showers, using deodorant and cologne over, worrying about justice for a possible child molester. - I mean there's a god damn documentary on Youtube about this FFS! Hopefully... thanks to COVID-19 they do now clean themselves. I doubt it though sadly.

If you could give just two buffs to your Street Fighter 5 main, what would they be? The community, and EventHubs staff, offer some interesting answers
Slow day?

Dragon Quest's Hero is dividing the Smash community on the topic of banning the character from major events
I think the Smash community should first focus on taking showers and bathing rather if they should ban a character.

EVO production team receiving backlash after finals joke teases fans into thinking Solid Snake might be joining Tekken 7
Markman is the one who paid for that clip by Snake. He's the idiot who's in the deepest hot water of them all.

Texas Showdown 2019 results
Wavechan <3 She's an awesome Marvel player from San Antonio! Glad she made top 8.

When Zero and Sigma use the Soul Storm in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite things get really scary really quickly
OMG <3 It's wavechan! I played her last year at our Anime Convention here in San Antonio (San Japan) She's so good at this game. Yes she is a legit female, yes she is cute IRL, and her husbando is Zero, even wore a shirt with him on it, and plays on a fight stick.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid reportedly leaks online as a new console fighting game coming in 2019

Dead or Alive 6 gets Mature rating from ESRB, surprising absolutely no one
Slow day at Eventhubs, no one cares.

Infiltration has been released by Panda Global and has voluntarily withdrawn from the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 and 2019 seasons
What do Infiltration and Noel Brown have in common? They both beat women.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's under performance more than made up for by Monster Hunter: World as Capcom's consumer sales soar 32% over last year
Don't bother with him. He is just a function.