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Past comments by Dias4Flac
Nintendo plans to improve Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's online matchmaking in the future
Separate competitive and casual players and make a set rule set. Pretty much what For Glory did but keep the matching with players of "equal skill" part.

Starfire officially available in Injustice 2
Shes too defensive which is the main reason this game bores me.

Nash stays in front, but somehow hits as a cross up: Don't expect to block this Street Fighter 5 set up, like, ever...
Now people will know what to look for and block properly

70% health gone in one combo: Poongko annihilates opponent with Abigail in a real Street Fighter 5 match
Im glad so many players are having fun with this character. I dont think Ive seen people have this much fun with a DLC in SFV for quite sometime

Brief look at Injustice 2's upcoming patch - Black Adam's damage reduced, Aquaman's meter burn tentacle strike no longer launches, and more
Excatly what I was thinking lol but I kinda stop playing this game. I cant stand how defensive it is

Think Akuma is broken in Ultra Street Fighter 2? Here's how to unlock Shin Akuma

Think Akuma is broken in Ultra Street Fighter 2? Here's how to unlock Shin Akuma
Preform the color select as if you're unlocking Shin Akuma but for his birthday then boot up a PS4 while singing the Lion King opening backwards. He's crazy broken tho even by this games standards

Jedah revealed for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
Chun Li looks awesome now!

SonicFox shares his Injustice 2 tier list, top 10 characters in the game
I feel you. You can just get the life lead and play safe with the strings still forcing guesses on the oppenent.

Deadshot's zoning playstyle causing frustration at Toryuken - and yes, a controller was thrown
Id have to disagree this game online is the best ive ever played. Might be you bro