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Past comments by Devhawk124
EVO 2015 lineup includes Tekken 7 (arcade), Mortal Kombat X, Super Smash Bros. 4 and more
Why are people complaining about 2 smash games this year, When Capcom has consistently been having 2-3 Capcom games Each year?

ProjectM with characters: [u'Bowser', u'Fox']
You guy know that Bowser can 0 to death fox right? The netural game isn't even that much in fox's favor. Finally if fox is off stage there's no possible a good bowser let's fox on stage.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 players world map
I love the lone Gief in Russia.

'If Final Destination was the only stage in Melee, Marth would be the best character' - Mew2King's top 5 in Super Smash Bros., tier list pt.3 This is a great intro into the world of melee

SSF4 AE v2012 PC mods: Cammy enters a cosplay contest as Tekken's Julia Chang
This should have been Yun.

Orchid's classic costume and new accessories shown off, alternate outfits will have their own sets of customization items in Killer Instinct
This just looks straight up awkward.

Justin Wong explains how to interrupt being downloaded, and what you can do to recognize that you've been figured out
I love the cover picture. "What do we do for the cover picture for avoiding being downloaded?" "Just put a o with a slash through it on Sakura it's fine."

Lisa Dead or Alive 5 Moves, Characters, Combos and Strategy Guides
Herm empty here, wish this was more updated.

Brazilian turnabout: 14-year-old Phoenix Wright player makes unlikely comeback in UMvC3
Probs to DL-O he had some really good Iron man play and good defense.

Ubisoft unveils The Fighter Within for Xbox One Kinect, promises 1 to 1 precision movement tracking
Yo mispelling on the Character Bio of the Sagat wanna be.