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Xanadu is easily the creepiest KoF character yet... The King of Fighters 14 Villains trailer shows off the game's baddies and a new stage
lmao. Dude, I have a pic on my cell phone of Laura's tit clipping through her back in SFV. It's just something that happens, KOF is no exception.

'We’d like to make the transition as seamless as possible' - Capcom providing tournament organizers with PlayStation 4 consoles for Pro Tour
I've been trying to get an answer for well over a month about why I can't use two PS3 fight sticks with USFIV on PS4 and have been given the cold shoulder. How do they expect people to show up with two PS3 sticks and have this issue potentially halt the tournament?

Four custom moves for each special? - Sakurai reveals his original business proposal for Smash 4
lol the salt in the first two comments

Lucas gets June 14th release for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

ARIA has shotguns built into her knees, can call assists, and goes full anime: Let's talk about Killer Instinct's final character
Is she really the 'last' character or just the last character for this season?

Smash 4: Mewtwo DLC dated for April 28, Lucas coming in June, Mega Man X Mii Fighters costumes; Nintendo seeking feedback for further DLC fighters
"Please limit your vote to one per person" Psssssssh! Get real, Nintendo. I've already voted for Ridley, King K. Rool, Snake, Isaac and Wonder-Red. I haven't voted for Wolf because I have a feeling he's already in the works.

Images for all of the new Wild Ultra Street Fighter 4 costumes, available for download Dec. 16
A lot of these would look great if they didn't have the animal motif

EventHubs asks: Are variations and custom moves the future of fighting games?
I feel like Omega SFIV is Capcom testing this concept for SFV

Play Super Smash Bros. 3DS with a GameCube controller with this open-source mod; now supports C-stick Smash attacks
To those saying "just wait for the Wii U version": I wanna play the game between now and then but my stick is on the verge of breaking. I can break my 3DS' stick and spend a couple hundred dollars getting a new 3DS or I can spend $12 and get access to a c-stick. Not everyone is going to get the Wii U version or can even afford a Wii U.

'Super Smash Bros. 3DS' netcode is leaps and bounds beyond Brawl's' - Maximilian reviews Smash 4's online play using Japanese version
Let's hope the Wii U version is the best work Nintendo has ever done with online networking - some people are banking on it.