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Past comments by DeadlyCreampuff
Street Fighter 6's rollback netcode is being rebuilt from scratch says Capcom Director Takayuki Nakayama
They are a little busy with Project L right now I think :3

Kill la Kill the game announced
No worries there,just sad this is all the announcement built up to, but I imagine ARC way too busy to dev a klk game :(

Fused Zamasu gets official Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay trailer
Naw it's the usual crotch first fusion pose of Potara. Whent hey spinning the lack of animation sticks out as weird though

'One of our big goals is to have Dragon Ball fans realize how fun a genuine fighting game can be' - DBF producer talks 2D fighting, ArcSys and more
The 1 bar teleport move is pretty much like the roman cancels in Xrd, especially ina combo it seems to freeze them in spot during hitstun much like rrc slowdown. It's just not exactly an rc :3

Injustice 2 news: Another character headed to online beta soon, Watchtower live stream airing tomorrow
Beta is NA only, but some in europe are playing it because they got their hands on us codes and use a US PSN account

Should the Smash community have special VIP treatment? K-Brad doesn't think so...
Don't forget all those putting in their cash just to get bodied so there's a prize pool.

NinjaNaz's crazy resets leave us dumbfounded and give us an all new feeling of terror when it comes to fighting Laura
Man you should visit his website sometime for a real chuckle :3 You don't know what awaits you XD

Mui Mui and Kukri revealed for King of Fighters 14
Mickey mouse and a member of organisation XIII, I didnt realise KOF was the true sequel to kingdom hearts :3

Full screen air grabs, jump cancels into Critical Art and a V-Trigger that doesn't do its job; strange sequences in Street Fighter 5
Wasn't it just rollback wrongly predicting a jump? Has it been reproduced in training mode?

Ono calls idea of having different versions of Street Fighter 5 characters interesting, isn't something that we'd see within the next year
Actually depending on the isms some characters would have cedrtain specials or not, as well as different access to specials. It's been awhile but iirc Adons Jaguar Tooth was only in certain isms. Or for Karin, to have access to her AA super you'd need to be in A ism. Not as well thought out as MKX, but mkx could also use some work on not making so many variations pointless :3