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Past comments by DandyCheeks
Rashid trailer released for Street Fighter 6
The trailer shows forward throw, Back throw and air throw. Idk what command grab you see? Pretty sure he doesn’t have one.

Japan and Europe's best Street Fighter 5 players battled in long-sets for the first time in a year, here's the results
Bonchan beat Ryan hart 20-0 before that urien set. There are many other sets as well. Infexious lost to Tokido I think 5-2 or 5-3 today. Just giving results. I’m not biased to a region.

Yashiro's 'wild flair' was an important trait to retain in his King of Fighters 15 character model, says designer
They came out the same year tho. A couple months apart. I think it’s coincidence that they have similar hair. Just wanted to point out it was the same year. 1997

Every fighting game needs to use Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R's new feature that allows players to control characters inside of replays
Yes the replay opponent would just keep doing the inputs they did in the match. But this feature isn’t so you can do mock battles and be like “I beat replay kizzie.” Its more for a situation where you wonder what you could’ve done, so you can go into the actual situation and try stuff out without recreating it in training.

'This is the first time I'm not blessed with a good character' — Daigo Umehara on Season 4 Guile in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
You need to watch more fgc translated on YouTube. Daigo talks up sfv much more than talking it down.

'I'm kind of just making content... at the end of the day I'm a content creator first' — ZeRo on balancing being a top player and personality
True but I am pretty sure his popularity would fade if he drowned in pools at a major or 2. He'd still be big but not as big.

'I'm kind of just making content... at the end of the day I'm a content creator first' — ZeRo on balancing being a top player and personality
It's the only way for him to maximize profit. He was the best smash 4 player. Now if he goes to stuff he'll most likely lose bc his big break. Then people won't care about him as a smash player as much and won't want to watch his streams as much.

King K. Rool can shoot any vacuumed object straight up with his blunderbuss in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
He can. He can hit you with the cannon ball and then combo into the suck and shoot you out of his gun.

No character hints at Red Bull Conquest this year... unless Ono is teasing with these peculiar photos of confetti
I can't believe Captain Commando is gonna be in S4.

The Dominican Republic has the second most qualified players for Capcom Cup at the moment, here's a breakdown of Cup berths by country and region
How is Crossover in? On the site it says that he is 72nd.