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Sakurai explains how Pokemon characters are chosen for Super Smash Bros. - not enough time to bring back entire Smash roster for Wii / 3DS
I hope they bring back Pokemon Trainer and make all of those characters better (Charizard wasn't so good) and have a Pokemon Rival (in the form of Blue AKA Gary to oppose Red) and have have 3 very unique pokemon like Nidoking or Rhyhorn, Alakazam or Exeggutor, Pidgeot, a form of Eevee, Machamp, etc. anything that isn't one of the types that the Pokemon Trainer already has. I like Lucario a lot, and I hope ...

Updated: Official character art added, Beowulf wins second DLC character vote for Skullgirls
TYBG for no Minette.

Updated: New console entitled 'Xbox One', Microsoft's next-gen console reveal event streaming live today
Disregarding the mountain of buzzwords at this reveal (which was at least 95% of the f*cking thing), it does not seem friendly at all for fighting games, and in a lot of ways super depressing, but E3 isin about 2 weeks, so hopefully they can showcase real games there, not dumbass TV shows and gimmicky dudebro ADD-fueled features(the best thing the voice commands will be for is for griefing people in the middle of playing ...

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