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Capcom confirms Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade release date in Japan, set for April 2014 - new screenshots and character details
I don't care what tier he is, but I'm calling right now that when USF4 drops Imma be all in that ass with Rolento.

Angelic becomes newest addition to team BrokenTier
Wait, so has Yipes defected back to BT now that the VxG mess is all said and done?

Cyborg Superman skin revealed for Injustice: Gods Among Us - available next Tuesday, free with Zatanna compatibility pack
lol @ these clowns thinking this is related to Terminator

Zatanna received most votes in unofficial Injustice character poll - Static Shock followed closely behind
His name is NOT Static Shock, for Christ's sake.

Filipino Champ battles Nemo in a first to 20 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 set shot during EVO 2013 weekend
Nemo is great in long sets. Why does he suck so much in (real) tournament settings?

Updated: Ryan Hart and WhiteBl4ck attending VxG - team recovers after Caribbean Airlines backed out of flights
Wow. That's f'd up.

Justin Wong: Flocker won EVO fair and square, he's super smart with Zero - opinion on best UMvC3 team
People are so stupid.

Updated: New skin to be revealed, one fans have been talking about for months - Ed Boon confirms 5th DLC character will be announced at EVO 2013
Boon already said Sub-Zero won't ever be in this game. This game is for DC characters and Scorpion is a guest character. Any more from MK and that would be pushing it.

Ono would like to build a fighting game on the same engine running The Division
God NoizyDerp is annoying.

More DLC character announcements coming soon for Injustice: Gods Among Us
NoizyChild has to be the human embodiment of crying.