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Try using this combo: Up-B>Dash Attack>Fair>Uair (Nair, Bair, Dair are possible options) This works great at 40%+. What happens is that the egg will pop them into the air for a short distance, making air dodge useless. Then you dash attack into them, further throwing them up into the air. Then land a meteor (if possible) with the Fair. If you anti-spike them (meteor them into the ground, they will then bounce straight up), hit ...

It is important to know about Villager's Neutral Special. Not only it pockets projectiles, it can also pocket items. These items can be stored for future uses later! Items like Food, Maxim Tomato, Back Shield, Rocket Belt ect. are activated and used as soon as you pull the out. Other items like bombs and guns/melee weapons are also stored, but weapons like Super Scope and Ore Club WILL NOT RECHARGE. However, any of the bomb's ...

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