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Games, skill levels & characters
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Mii Gunner
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
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SSBU with characters: [u'Mii Gunner', u'Snake']
Actually, with grenade, Gunner beckoned +1 since she just halts everything Snake does with nades, not to mention that Gunner’s damage output is just good enough to get Snake at kill percent fast

Who are the top 5 zoner characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ahead of Min Min's release?
Palu is barely even a zoner. Palu is among the better characters in the game, but she doesn't have that many options to keep people away like that. All the Links, the Samuses, Olimar, maybe even Hero all have better tools as zoners than Palu and Ivy imo

'If Elena gets added to the game...' - The FGC reacts to Street Fighter 5's Season 5 announcement and what characters they want to see return
I just want Sean and/or Abel man

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