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SSBU with characters: [u'Lucina', u'R.O.B.']
I am trying to sway some opinions here on MUs,and this is definitely a rob doesn't win but he doesn't lose either. In neutral,rob and lucina go basically completely even. Rob can camp out Luci really well,but luci does really good damage to rob. Plus,they both may struggle to take stocks against each other,rob possibly struggling a bit more. However,while rob has struggled to take stocks at higher percents,he can take them at low percents ...

SSBU with characters: [u'Mr. Game and Watch', u'R.O.B.']
I'm on contrary belief rob wins against GnW,or this MU is even. While GnW can reflect his projectiles with the powerful and worshipful bucket,rob has options for most of his kit. One argument is rob can't escape up air,but that's saying if you lose neutral. Rob has the ability to win neutral 90% of the time,and can destroy gnw just as much as gnw destroys rob. Also,rob has dair which can catch gnw up B. ...

SSBU with characters: [u'Peach / Daisy', u'R.O.B.']
So,idk WHAT is up here,but the votes were towards Peach winning against rob Rob has the ability to outrange peach in neutral with basically his entire kit,which causes peach to struggle. Rob can also air camp peach with robo burner(Up B) and just force peach to use aerial options,and that can force her to commit to negative options However,peach lands a single down tilt Rob will struggle to escape a combo. But with robs kit,you ...

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