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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
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Gruesome creatures, a somber king, and even a Penguin: Here are the top five characters we want in Injustice 2
My one hope is that there aren't loads of batman characters like in the last game; more variety would be welcome. I'd keep it to bats, joker, Harley, and robin (or any variation on that, maybe Carrie Kelly?!)

How SF5's input lag limits the footsie game beyond whiffpunishing - Informative video from Cagar shows adverse effects, especially to command grabs
Yeah this is kinda worrying. I play an active character (Ken) as opposed to a reactionary one so it affects me less, but I just hope at least something can be done about it.

Who are the three most overrated Street Fighter 5 characters?
This is kinda difficult to decide for me; there's no one in the game who's really cheap, even in the high tiers; chun li requires patience and Nash has a pretty high learning curve. I'd probably go with bison, if only because you can essentially nullify his pressure by just holding back down and waiting to punish.

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