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Wii Fit Trainer
floorwalker pretty much hit the nail on the head, so I'll go ahead and give a few personal strategies I like to use. Her Side B can be used repeatedly when hanging close to the ledge. This will make the ball travel along the stage and keep WFT very safe. Her Up B also deals a sneaky single tick of damage which is wonderful for edge fighting. Most people panic when hit by it and ...

SSB4: Wii Fit Trainer - Super Hoop
This move may not seem like it, but it is one of the strongest move in WFTs set, and my one choice for a 10/10 rating. Why? Well this is much more than a recovery option. If making contact with an enemy it deals one solid 5% damage hit. I know, 5% hardly seems useful. But off the stage is where in my opinion WFT shines. I have had multiple matches where an opponent would ...

SSB4: Wii Fit Trainer - Left/Right Special
The header has some great versatility to it. If an opponent is rushing you, try starting up header, and then air swaying to cancel. WFT and the ball will drop to the ground. You can then use your jab combo to give the ball some momentum. If they are point blank this can cause some wonderful damage, but be careful, as the ball can be hit back to you. As for an option at a ...

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