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Past comments by CockyChris_97
Smug discusses who he's playing in Street Fighter 5, which characters look the scariest, how to sharpen your game and more in this BornFree interview
Smug has the strongest Dudley of all time! Can't think about another Dudley player who's better than Smug.

Three practical methods to help you keep your salt under control
I think someone need to send this video to Pat from Two Best Friends.

Sabre's Laura is dominating the Street Fighter 5 beta; watch as he takes out Juicebox, TampaBison, the number one ranked player and more
Laura is too strong with everything. The damage, the counters, the slow projectile and that electric elbows are a force to be reckoned wi. I see there is a storm brewing of Laura's reign in SFV.

Mortal Kombat XL announced for 'PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only' - will feature all characters, costumes, and content in one package
I love it when everything u want is on one disk :-) =-O

Why no Sagat or Akuma? Maximilian discusses the absence of legacy characters in Street Fighter 5
Who can say that they COULD be hidden boss characters? I want that to be a reality a bit but i have no clue what Capcom have in mind. Also i would be surprise if they would change his play style a bit from bringing a come-and-go zoning stradgy tool to balance Muay Thai fighter or not...

MarkMan shows off a behind the scenes look at the brand new Mad Catz Street Fighter 5 Fightpad Pro
I love it. This is for everyone who use pads not to buy an arcade stick, but to buy a PadStick. Genius!

King of Fighters 14 party battle mode: Six players compete on two teams
Yo, if Yamazaki is not gonna be in this game im gonna be pissed!

Dizzy set to join the fray in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator after placing 1st in fan poll
I submitted the same thing about Order Sol, twice and you guys didnt post it up sooner. But instead, oh Dizzy over Order Sol any day.U guys are wack for that!

These clever Guilty Gear memes will bring a smile to your face, even if you don't play the game

Could Necalli be the first tie to Satsui no Hado in Street Fighter 5? Check out Voltech's theory on the how the berserker may fit into the story line
Yooo, Necalli, either a sub boss or secret boss, i really want it to be those things, screw him if ge turns out to be a final boss character. I rather hace Gill to be the final boss becayse you have that accomplished vibe going after you beat him.