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Past comments by CockyChris_97
Unmasked R. Mika is actually quite beautiful, while shaven Zangief is... terrifying; PC Best Mods invades Street Fighter 5
Damn R.Mika is fine without the mask

Fire breathing, giant lariats, and more: New King of Fighters 14 screenshots give a closer look at the game's recent newcomers
Where's Yamazaki?

First look at Alex in Street Fighter 5 - March update detailed
My ni**a Alex is back and ready to rock to WHOLE SF universe...AGAIN!

R. Mika: Major threat or fledgling fighter? Decide for yourself after watching her official Street Fighter 5 character guide
I thought about playing R.Mika before but wasn't that interested, but now i realize she is easy to use but she need alot of work to put in to her.

Images of Raven and a teaser silhouette of Dizzy in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-
I love it when ArcSys makes everything for GGXRD so much better than Blazblu

Raven added to Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator's cast
It would have been really inseresting and confusing if the were the same person. The story of how Axl becomes a villain in a another time line would be hype!

First Street Fighter 5 DLC characters were chosen to offer different battle styles, Capcom also factored in story
Remember the arcade intro for Guile in SF4 when he's like, "Charle not dead, nobody found his body?" In SFV, Charle is a alive and dangerous and Guile is gonna confront him. Either Ono forgot about that part or sometime in the story Guile will lose his memory of Charle ever meeting up in SFV.

'[Sakura] is forever high school girl' says Ono - Series producer responds to tweets regarding Q, Ingrid, Sakura, Sagat and Evil Ryu
Let Sakura get a degree dammit!

'Her ability to juggle airborne opponents is one of the most potent in the game' - Capcom introduces Street Fighter 5's Karin Kanzuki
Karin is bae and she will be the fisrt char I'll be play in SFV.

Capcom: Necalli is a good starting point for new Street Fighter 5 players - damage output is one of the highest in the game
Necalli is gonna be a character to main because there one thing lke to do, is to be up close in personal. Not hating on projectile characters thought...