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Past comments by CockyChris_97
Jessica's dislike of selfish men led to her breakup with Cody, Rick is Dee Jay's best friend and manager - CFN profiles delve into close relations
Gaming logic

Mike Ross announces his departure from Twitch
Alright, Mike. Thumps up to ya

There will be no Central Fiction 'Extend' in the future; developers say their next title will be unrelated to BlazBlue and not a fighting game
I don't really know what will happen in the end I just hope that they gonna stay true to their word about no more "Extend" versions, it's getting really irritating

31 returning characters, but still a lot of favorites missing - Here's who we're hoping to see as King of Fighters 14 DLC
I was saying Yamazaki for the longest and nobody cared. Since kof 14 is getting popular, I hope snk put Yamazaki in to the game

Mai Natsume struts her stuff in these BlazBlue: Central Fiction screen shots and artwork pieces
Yo, she is a he. Look up Blazblue Remix Heart. Stop going hard for a guy in disguise

72% damage in a single combo, OTG super setups, and more - Geese is shaping up to be a contender in King of Fighters 14
Aaaaaaaah Geeeeeeeeeeese-sama!!!

Famitsu reveals that Mai Natsume will be joining the cast of BlazBlue: Centralfiction
Uh...yeah "she" is thought There is a BBC manga where Maine is from.

PR Balrog whiff punishes Dhalsim's stretchy kick into Critical Art, takes out Sabin, Gootecks, and more in this Street Fighter 5 Balrog reel
My secret weapon got stronger,tougher and beastyer

Street Fighter 5 Cinematic Story Mode 'A Shadow Falls' Release Trailer shown
Yoooooo, Juri button gotten so big though... I like it

Over 50 percent damage in a single combo, fireball wake up setups, and more - check out Hurtbox TV's Kum Haehyun combo video
I can't wait to know this character in story mode