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Past comments by CockyChris_97
Marss puts Zero Suit Samus in the 'booty butt cheeks' category in his latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list... before ceasing with the meme
Hmm,one man's tier list is another man's perspective. Just a general thought.

Is Joe really part of Iori's team in King of Fighters 15 or are SNK just enjoying throwing everyone for a loop with random reveal trailers?
I vote that trailers are out of order and SNK is spicing up a bit.

Joe Higashi's gameplay trailer revealed for King of Fighters 15
I'm forward to shader the fighting spirits of players using Joe!

DRPotemkin's fighting game gallery features awesome depictions of Street Fighter 5 characters as frogs, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Sailor Moon and more
The artwork on these characters are pretty realistic. Even Super Buu looks good.

Poll results: Who are the least fun Tekken 7 characters to fight against?
Lars is not even played anymore? Wow....

Dragon Ball FighterZ Master Roshi review: The game's most unique character has a lot of great tools and a steep learning curve

Is Street Fighter 5 in a good spot now?
SF5 with new patches can still hold to be a quality game.

Tekken game director says fart special move didn't make it into Tekken 7 because it would have pushed the game to a Mature rating
Thats so dumb.

What should the standard for online fighting game experiences be here in 2019 and beyond?
Under Night In Birth St has dope net play and I can play smoothly in Ranked Matches Everytime.

Poll results: Pigtails or short hair? Which look is the best for Videl in Dragon Ball FighterZ?
Pigtails >>>>>No Tails