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What should the standard for online fighting game experiences be here in 2019 and beyond?
Under Night In Birth St has dope net play and I can play smoothly in Ranked Matches Everytime.

Poll results: Pigtails or short hair? Which look is the best for Videl in Dragon Ball FighterZ?
Pigtails >>>>>No Tails

Will Injustice 2 receive even more DLC in the future? And if so, how could they possibly outdo the Ninja Turtles? Let's have a look at NRS history
Spawn, end of story!

By far the best stong new character since Lars

Injustice 2: Scarecrow - Death Spin
When using this attack, use it as keepaway so the opponents will think twice coming close to you

Which five Dragon Ball characters do you hope to see most in Dragon Ball FighterZ?
Every relevant fighter from the Saiyan Saga to the Future Trunks Arc

Ever wondered what Akuma's Raging Demon looked like in slow motion? The animation looks like something out of an anime... Akuma has super speed
True words had never been spoken

Where's the love for Jago and Orchid?! Here's which main protagonist our readers like most in fighting games
Sol Badguy, the MC that can beat anyone if he wanted to or MC'S like Ryu and Kazuya who can be defeated by the strongest of opponents 2 out of three times. Sol Badguy is the realist savage

Official character art in beautiful high resolution for all 35 fighters in BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Gotta love em

PC mods: 'Legacy' Juri costume for Street Fighter 5 in the works; BrutalAce shares first screenshot and it looks phenomenal
Beating it for Juri