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Street Fighter 5: Momochi, Fuudo show bread and butter combos and strategies in head to head matches
It was allready fun watching Maximillian and he isn't elite. The problem is that the game doesn't has HYPE FADC SUPER HARD 1F LINK COMBOS, THAT TAKE SO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH SKILLZ!!!! This usually reflects what people mean by boring game. Because everyone knows Combos = Skill or Combos = Hard Game. Right? Right?........

Kazunoko's Necalli uppercuts as much as his Yun; watch him and Infiltration go at it in the Street Fighter 5 beta
Kazunoko will never change. They could remove all invincible frames on DP's and he would still uppercut like a mo... Like a Flowchart Ken.

730 damage from a single DP punish - be careful taking risks against Zangief in Street Fighter 5
SF2 has Combos. They're better than SFIV's Combos, they actuall deal damage.

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