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Street Fighter X Tekken ranked match replays featuring Poongko, -6 and other high ranked PSN players
@16 and @7 The only reason that combo works is because of Kazuya's ability to "restand" someone after his hurricane kicks, which is a key portion of his infinite combo. So while the combo demonstrated by Poongko is not a true infinite, it still utilizes the restand glitch from the infinite.

Stamina (Health) rankings for Street Fighter X Tekken
A trained female fighter will not be able to take as much punishment as a trained male fighter simply on the virtue of simply physics. Males, on average, have more more mass to apply directional force than females. More mass usually means the male can take more physical punishment. It has nothing to do with training. A trained woman weighing in at 120-130 pounds will be unable to take the same amount of punishment of ...

Old school games: XvSF combos - CvS2, A3 & SF EX2 matches
@1 It's not trolling. It's all business. Easier games make more money. More people are willing to play a game if the learning curve isn't as steep. Why do you think Call of Duty is so popular? Anyone can pick up the controller and play. They might not be pro level, but they'll probably have fun playing it. Games like XMen vs Street Fighter and MvC2 were all on the arcade. Games that were designed ...

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