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King Dedede
Advantage offstage: dedede is hands down the best offstage character in the game. Given he can live on the ledge for an entire game, he can really make a presence in this zone. If you chase your opponent offstage, you have to guess if they are recovering high or low (or if they are far enough out, if you can pop them with a gordo) if high, go up air, if low, fair chain and ...

King Dedede
After playing about 3000 games with this character, I find the fact he is rated bottom tier on this site as utter garbage. Dedede is a character that is very sensitive to certain matchups and stages but in the right hands kicks ass. Overall he wants an open stage. Kalos, FD, PS2 are all good. This is because of his dominating neutral on these stages. Dedede neutral: At low percents a down throw into forward ...

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