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Prepare to meet your marker! Creative stop motion video pits artist vs. marker drawing of Akuma
It's artistic fools... by your logic, all works of arts is "pointless." Art doesn't need a reason. It's just there for you to enjoy. You wasted 50 seconds on that vid and then another 50 seconds to respond. Learn to manage your time wisely fool.

Top players offer character change suggestions for new Street Fighter 4 update - Guile, M. Bison, Makoto, Ryu, Sagat and Sakura
Yeah, nerf Bison. One of the baddest mofo's that ever walked this planet. Give me a break. Give me SSFIV Bison.

Ed Boon says Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter is inevitable
We already have fatalities in SF, there called Ultra's and Supers. Think about it... what happens in SF when a character is dizzy? We set up for a severe punish... What if, when the opponent is dizzy? There's a special move that is only available to do when the character is dizzy... Kind of like a Dizzy only Ultra...?

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