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Past comments by Chairman
EventHubs asks: Should Ultra Street Fighter 4's Edition Select become the tournament standard?
I can't believe this is a thing...

2014 debut of Excellent Adventures with Gootecks and Mike Ross - can you handle the Yoga?
@3 3?

LiangHuBBB's Funny and Cool Moments episode 67
That Law, best in the business.

Gods Arc casuals - IFC Yipes vs. Lionheart and Persia in UMvC3, Sanford Kelly vs. Hiro in SFxT
Everyone that you guys are referring to will really be saying: "It actually WAS bad. Hence the changes"

Northeast Championships 13 Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 winners, losers and grand finals sets
It's tedious when you're uneducated about what's happening. That grand finals was magic.

Large batch of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 footage from GamesCom 2012
Now this is what a 3D fighter is supposed to look like. Christ it's beautiful. VF or DoA Over this? PFFT

Updated: EVO staff backtracks on Street Fighter X Tekken's removal from 2013 lineup
@83 I made an account to tell you that you're an idiot. So here you have it: You're an idiot.